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Since the 17th century, it has been the court of the Savoy Dynasty who turned it into one of the most beautiful capital of Baroque art.
In the 19th century, it was the first capital of the Italian Kingdom after the unification of Italy.

Today Torino is the heart of the Piedmont Region that counts almost 900 000 inhabitants, the fourth Italian city by population after Rome, Milan and Naples. It is also a modern high tech and commercial city, the seat of Fiat and many other industries with a strong aerospace vocation. 

Torino boasts artistic churches, buildings and over 30 well-known museums (www.comune.torino.it/musei/en/). The most important are: National cinema museum inside the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of Torino and unique in Italy; the Egyptian museum, second in the world after the one in Cairo; the Royal library, preserving Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait; the National automobile museum with one of the rarest and most interesting cars collection; the MAO-Oriental Art Museum, with a collection of 1500 pieces from the Asian countries.

The large squares, the straight avenues lined with trees, the streets with arcades give the city an appearance of noble and charming elegance. 

Besides being famous for their wide selection of typical regional food and wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, and Dolcetto, Piedmont and Torino are well-known also for their hors-d'oeuvres and "pasticceria" (small pastries, friandises, chocolate). Some of the old café bars (Baratti & Milano, Al Bicerin, Caffé Torino, Caffé San Carlo, Caffé Mulassano) visited by the aristocracy are open to the public and one can still enjoy some of the old recipes and live the atmosphere of the past centuries.

Torino was the host city to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games that projected the city on the international stage.

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