Timetosser is ready for 2021!

alter.audio have revealed their first machine for DJs and musicians: Timetosser.

Timetosser is a new kind of live performance tool. It enables you to playfully loop and reorder any kind of musical input in real time. Use it as a standalone device, or connect it to your computer to control the Timetosser audio plugin in your favourite DAW software.
Think of Timetosser as a playable audio delay with a unique built-in tempo detection system that additionally can be synced through Midi and analog gate. By playing Timetosser you can rhythmically reorder parts of the incoming audio and shuffle them around. This way you are able to create and add infinite variations to your tracks and loops.

Alter.Audio - Timetosser
Alter.Audio - Timetosser

After a successful Kickstarter, Timetosser will become available in shops starting from 2021. During Soundmit you’ll still have the chance to pre-order Timetosser at a 22% discount. Get €84 off €379 and get yours at a much smaller price than retail!

How to claim your discount

During the Soundmit event a discount link will become visible at our virtual booth. The link will land you on a hidden page on Indiegogo. Scroll down a bit and look for the “Select a perk” section on the right side of the screen. You will see the photo with the SoundMiT logo stating ONE alter.audio Timetosser at the reduced price of €295,-. Click through to claim this discount and proceed to payment.

Don’t hesitate too long: Only 22 units available at this offer and only during Soundmit 2020!


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