Exploding Shed

Exploding Shed is a synth DIY online shop, based in germany with EU-wide shipping.

SoundMIT DIY Workshop:
Specially for SoundMIT 2020 we organise an online DIY workshop for you, ich which we build a Befaco Stereomix together. Registration is open only during Soundmit 14/15. Nov and the actual workshop will take place online on the 26. November at 6pm (CET). Registration and infos here: www.exploding-shed.com/diy-online-workshops

We started 2016 and were born from the DIY scene, after doing 100+ DIY workshops unter the name LeafAudio.
Since then we supply you with:

  • DIY Kits
  • Panels
  • Electronic parts like switches, ICs and potentiometers
  • Knobs
  • Connectors
  • Eurorack rails in various lengths and types
  • Case building materials like side brackets, screws
  • Custom cables after your needed configurations, specially interesting for synth enthusiasts
  • And last but not least, we manufacture and distribute LeafAudio's Microphonic Soundbox.

Soundmit 2020

 +39 347 71 22 457

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BASE33 S.r.l.s
Via Nuoro 30/A 10137 - Torino
P.IVA: 12091710017 C.F.: 12091710017

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