LILLA is an open source polyphonic and multitimbral audio sampler based on Teensy 4.1 (0,6GHz) and Teensy Audio shield (16bit, 44.1Kb /s, stereo), equipped with 1.8" color display, which can be played with a midi keyboard or sequencer.

Audio samples are loaded using a micro SD card and played by adding an ADSR envelope, defining length, direction and playback mode. Encoders and pushbuttons on the front panel allow editing each part during the performance without interruption. LILLA offers some effects (low-pass filter, resolution, downsampling) and supports midi pitch-bend and vibrato, as well as being able to adopt any midi control-change to control the functionalities. Polyphony reaches 16 voices, and 8 parts can be used in the performance, all in a single layer or multi-midi. LILLA can store 32MB for audio samples, 30 sessions and 100 parts, configuration backup/restore functions are also available. LILLA is made on a single PCB, equipped with screen printing, which acts as a front panel. LILLA and can be purchased as a kit, by installing the firmware available on: https://github.com/SandroGrassia/Lilla-audio-sampler, where the user manual and the part list are also available. I/O plugs: midi in, headphones, line out, usb micro-b.

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