Mastro Valvola started in 2008 by Luca Romanelli and by his great passion for the electronics and experimental rock music. 

He made experience in electronics by repairing and providing technical support for guitar devices, primarily valve amplifiers, from which the company takes its name “Mastro Valvola” (The Valve Master). Today Mastro Valvola is a craftsman company made up of a tight-knit group of people who leverage their experience in the field of electronics to repair, make and design guitar amplifiers and effects. Electronics and sound research for the development of high-level craft products that provide added value to the sound and inspiration to the artist. Inspiring the artist by the sound of their own instrument is our best achievement.

Soundmit 2021

 +39 347 71 22 457

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BASE33 S.r.l.s
Via Nuoro 30/D 10137 - Torino
P.IVA: 12091710017 C.F.: 12091710017

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