The Striso board is an innovative expressive musical instrument that combines multidimensionally sensitive buttons with a remarkable note layout.

Each Striso button senses pressure in every direction, giving full control over the sound of each note you play. In addition motion of the whole instrument can be used to control even more sound properties. The Striso board is MPE MIDI compliant and also has a integrated synthesizer with a characteristic sound to be playable out of the box.

The new note layout is designed to give players insight into musical patterns, help them understand music theory, and invite musical exploration and improvisation. The note layout is isomorphic and notes in the same key are always adjacent. The axes of the note layout are very well defined, making it easy to navigate melodic and harmonic structures. The separation of sharps and flats even opens the door for microtonal tuning systems.

The Striso board is meant for everyone who likes to have a fresh view on musical structures and musical expression, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

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