Claudia Ferretti

Claudia Ferretti

Songwriter called Claudia Is On The Sofa, Claudia Ferretti, wielding her guitar, Emmylou Ribs, she sings about the lives of people on the street, she sings the roar and the silence.

She plays her music all over Italy and Europe by her two albums Love Hunters and Time of me. 

Curious author and composer Claudia Ferretti explores music bringing her own songwriter spirit in the world of sound environment.

Claudia Ferretti investigates the voice as instrument. The voice became pure sound and became almost unrecognizable, the words disappear and new worlds appear using the voice itself, looper and the technological supports.

Field recordings and music join the looper creating atmospheres and changing environments.

Claudia Ferretti creates soundtracks for video and documentary moovies. She collaborate with artists connecting music and different artistic lenguages.

She creates sound paintings with the painter Angelo Bordiga in London, together with Alessandro Pedretti realizes the music for the Ooomm installation by the artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi and gives life to sound design works with the architect Vittorio Peretto for Orticolario Como.

With Elia Piana he gave life to the Alamye, a project with which he performed composed performances through modular voices and synthesizers at museums, theaters, abandoned workplaces, personal vernissages of artists and opera events.

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