MIDI and CV weapon Sipario and Enjoy controller will be at the Soundmit


ENJOY is a controller that combines analog CV world with digital MIDI world. The front panel is dominated by the joystick lever, while the rear panel contains three input jacks (two for expression type pedals, one for sustain type pedals), three output stereo jacks (6 analog cv) and one USB type B socket.

All cv's can be modulated by joystick, pedals or by MIDI messages like control changes coming from the USB port, two outputs can also generate LFO.

ENJOY is a USB class compliant MIDI device, you can use it with your USB-HOST like SIPARIO or PC, without the need of any driver. 

The device is programmed via web browser, there are ten memory presets entirely customizable by the user to various configurations.


Sipario is a MIDI router designed to be at the center of a keyboard setup in order to always have the sounds ready to use. It has 4 MIDI ports and 1 USB port for connection to the synth, workstation, expander, Tablet, PC.

The musician creates his own lineup of tracks (SCENE) and within each, program his own sounds representing with images or text. During execution passes from a conguration (PERFORMANCE) to another by pressing on the touch display, or, in sequence, or by pressing the pedal connected to Sipario or through the backlit button that is located on the front of the device. In every moment the musician decides what to play and from which keyboard, by programming splits and layers among different sources. Programming is done without the use of PC and through touch display! 

So many features are available including: fintering-out input/output midi channel, defining the key range of the keyboard, sending program change, sysex, sending and remapping controls change, Bpm generation, transposing sounds, creating dynamic layer according to the velocity.

Soundmit 2019

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