From Russia with patch cables! SSSR Labs return to Soundmit

We met him for the first time a year ago at the Soundmit 2018 with his Eurorack modules and DIY projects, we will find him again this year on November 2nd and 3rd with interesting news.

SM800 Wobla:

SM800 Wobla is a single slider controller with pretty straightforward functional: it outputs control voltage proportional to position of the slider. Wobla has three different ranges of operation: linear 0…5 Volts, linear 0…10 Volts, and the special bell-shaped range giving the maximum output voltage (≈5.7V) at the center position of the slider, allowing to perform so called wobbles in a very fast and predictable manner. So, it fits perfectly to wave shapers, VCA, VCF and other modules affecting the sound articulation.

Wobla is available with two types of front panel. The first type (A, desktop) has the output jack and mode switch above (or behind) the slider, which becomes handy when controlling any modules located above the Wobla, or when horizontally oriented desktop case is used. The second type (B, upright) has the output jack and the mode switch below the slider, which is pretty useful when target modules are in the same row with Wobla. The module has jumpers allowing to change the direction of slider any time, and you can get an alternative panel separately!

Wobla is very narrow for a single module of this kind: just 3 hp! When you combine few Wobla modules together, you can fit four of them within just 12 hp, or, with sliding nuts, adjust the width to what fits better to your hand, precisely customizing your system.

Vertigo DSP Card:

SSSR Labs present the first cased DSP card for Tiptop Audio zDSP voltage controlled effect processor.

This card contains a collection of eight signal processing algorithms, which are all specially designed to convert a mono signal to an animated stereo soundscape with spacey and creamy feel. It is especially recommended as a thickener for 1-oscillator voices or 1-oscillator polyphonic synthesizers. Every effect was carefully adjusted and tested with several different synthesizers to achieve the best sound and usability of controls used in the zDSP module.

SM042 Kotelnikov:

SSSR Labs KOTELNIKOV is a digital voltage controlled wavetable oscillator module with morphing feature and built-in transient generator. This oscillator can generate a number of sounds with diverse spectral content and combine them in various proportions. Kotelnikov can be used as a usual oscillator in a traditional subtractive synthesizer system, but it is also possible to use it as a complete voice module as it features shaped timbres, envelope generator, and amplitude modulation.

The Transient Generator has 3 modes: AD/AR envelope generator or resettable LFO. Total time range of 0.4µs–10s is divided into 3 subranges. This generator is internally connected with FM and WM inputs, which helps you to achieve fluent, alive sound with no wires at all.

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