After the great success of the last editions, the two Italian realities active on different, multiple fronts in the world of electronic music, join forces to give life to an unprecedented collaboration, an online edition articulated on a very rich program that harmonizes the different souls, giving new life to a cooperation that has lasted for several years.

In this new edition, Soundmit and Museo del Synth will present a sequence of streaming events to connect and tell the past, present and future of the electronic sound: showcase, live, interviews, training pills and demonstrations will be dedicated to the protagonists of the contemporary music industry and to the rediscovery of the Italian historic heritage of the world of vintage synthesizers.

The latest edition of Soundmit, 2020, was a great success that saw among the various online guests artists and protagonists of the calibre of Roger Linn, Dave Smith, Suzanne Ciani, Hainbach, Dina Pearlman, Vladimir Kuzmin, Claudio Coccoluto, Paolo Synthmania, Roby Facchinetti, Chris Meyer, Tulpa Dusha, Benge, Giorgio Li Calzi (Torino Jazz Festival), Riccardo Mazza, Kim Bjorn, Doug Lynner, Illusion of Safety and the artists of the community of Torino Modulare, Genova Modulare and Milano modulare.

For the Museum, the last edition was the 2019 "in presence" one, which saw thousands of people converge in Macerata to discover the fascinating and still unexplored world of Italian synths with the creators of our electronic instruments of yesterday and today together with extraordinary restorers and musicians including Patrizio Fariselli, Walter Prati, Okapi. It is worth mentioning the exhibition/conference dedicated to the pioneering MARS workstation (found by the Museum) which was held with the presence of Prof. Giuseppe di Giugno, Sylviane Sapir and all the historical protagonists of IRIS.

Available online on 13 and 14 November, the event is curated by Francesco Mulassano for SoundMit and by the Acusmatiq Matme Cultural Association for the Synth Museum.

Many opportunities for sharing are offered by national and international guests, for a dense and stimulating programme that will be unveiled in the coming weeks through the social networks of SoundMit and Synth Museum.

The two-day event dedicated to electronic sound will close with a surprise that will not disappoint lovers of the history of electronic music: on Sunday 14 November, the identity of a new acquisition of the Synth Museum, made possible thanks to the partnership with SoundMit will be revealed. The unboxing of the new very rare - and mysterious - synthesizer that will become part of the Museum's collection will be followed by a conversation with the previous owner of the instrument who will tell its story.


Soundmit - International Sound Summit

SOUNDMIT is the Italian event dedicated to synthesizers, electronic musical instruments and new technologies. Active for 11 years with ever-growing editions, it boasts a network of international collaborations with the main sector media and with all the most important companies. Every year it hosts exhibitors from all over the world with exclusive previews.

In 2020, SOUNDMIT created the first entirely virtual edition with 33 guests from 4 different time zones, 62 virtual booths, over 17 hours of streaming with +153,000 minutes viewed all over the world.

Among the historical partners of Soundmit we mention: the Ministry of Economic Development, with the Italian Trade Agency, the Politecnico di Torino, the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Turin with the DAMS, the University of Rome Tor Vergata with the Master Suono, Tempo Reale, the Audio Developer Conference, the Synth Fest France, the London School of Sound and numerous international media partners.

Museo del Synth Marchigiano e Italiano

The "Museo" was first seen in 2008 as a temporary exhibition, at the Acusmatiq electronic festival in Ancona and was repeated in 2009. Subsequently, the project led to the creation of the cultural association Acusmatiq MATME, and gathered a group of friends from different backgrounds (musicians, collectors, teachers, technicians) with the aim of structuring the activity in a more organic and complete way. It was born essentially to fill what we have in the past defined "a great absence compared to a great presence": on the one hand the lack of historical memory and awareness, even institutional, towards what has been a very important chapter of the industrial history of our region (and still is very lively); on the other hand the fact that periodically, even unpredictably, electronic instruments, born in our territory, emerge in videos, records, photos, relating to protagonists of international music of the past and present.

The Museo is organized and managed by the cultural association Acusmatiq Matme under the patronage of the Marche Region and the Municipality of Macerata.

Soundmit 2020

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