State of the art digital Effect made in Italy: EnjoyLab Reminder

At Soundmit we always host previews and new entry, we have hosted many companies on their first fair experience and companies and makers at their first product, and this is the case of EnjoyLab, an Italian company that participates in the ninth edition of the Soundmit with Reminder, a digital effect unit that comes with a really lovely design and really convincing sound quality and precision. 

  • Multi-effect audio Processor

  • Comprehensive, all in one solution for intricate rhythms Echo space and width.

  • Direct and immediate access to all the parameters with dedicated knobs.

  • True-stereo independent delay allowing you to create complex rhythmic patterns.  

  • Reverbs with Size and Resonance High-Pass filter - knob.

  • Double (Chamberlin) Filter with 12 dB/octave roll-off, adjustable resonance

  • 4 Waveform Syncable LFO

  • A full, four-channel (quadraphonic) system will reproduce the Left Front, Left Back, Right Front, and Right Back audio signals in each of four separate speakers. 

  • Assignable Foot Switch 

  • Tap Tempo

  • Intuitive OLED Display

  • Low latency USB Audio

  • USB or 5-pin MIDI interface

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