Midance Italy is the placement purposes event that allows DJs, producers, musicians, promoters and record players to exchange ideas and find the record label or the ideal promotional outburst.

Artists, producers, journalists, speakers, DJs and promoters from the  world of entertainment, independent and major, have met since 2002 between promos and ideas, links and drinks. Every professional, at each meeting, has the opportunity to exchange and listen to demos and promotions by testing them thanks to the console available on site. Midance Italy is the best for its public relations.

Midance Italy is the only event aimed at clubbing and music business, which has been resisting for years in Italy and able to bring together the elite of electronic dance music, underground clubbing, mainstream pop overground and more. Fun, business, new sounds and market in one evening.


Round Table. Dj and producers meet music and record publishers. In constant rotation, everyone suggests their ideas to the professionals present. Every single representative has the opportunity to propose his own business in person. Catch it: the hunt for the hit is open.

New sponsorships and new collaborations. Media partners such as Danceland Magazine, OMNE and One Dance as FM radio, SilverMusic Radio takes care of the live broadcast. Gruppo Italiano Giornalisti di Clubbing, Muzik Pusher, Sindacato del Suono are present as logistic and technical support.


Live: events & awards. Exhibition of artists represented by producers, DJs and brands present and awards of Influencer Chart, the ranking of the 100 most influential figures of Italian dance music in the world (managers, entrepreneurs, DJs, musicians, journalists, bloggers, producers, record companies and professionals).

Soundmit 2021

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