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+ 90 Brands on display

With over 90 brands on display and exhibitors from all over Europe and beyond, Soundmit is confirmed as the only Italian event highly specialized in electronic musical instruments. A fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and for the birth of new collaborations as well as new friendships.

Numerous foreign exhibitors with participation from Spain, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and France.


The Soundmit has aroused great interest in the academic world for the high cultural content of the initiative, decisive the contribution of the Politecnico di Torino, the DAMS of the University of Turin and the University of Roma Tor Vergata that, thanks to the contribution of teachers Marco Masoero, Marco Re, Andrea Valle and Enzo De Sena, have packed a talk that has sold out with a strong presence (obviously) of students and future students interested in a course of study strongly linked to the entertainment world, the music industry and of course to electronic musical instruments.

Demos & Workshops

As tradition inherited from the Synth Meeting, there were demos and workshops. We talked about Mastering (Gianni Vallino), Sound Synthesis with Pure Data (Giorgio Sancristoforo) and with VCV Rack (Enrico Cosimi), Arranging and Production with Steinberg (Franco Fraccastoro) and Sound Design (Gianni Proietti) with analysis of the sounds that made the history of music.

The companies then presented their instruments, we witnessed a curious and fascinating performance for Harps and Modular Synthesizers proposed by the company Salvi Harps world leader in the field of Harps, Moog and Arturia with Enrico Cosimi, Novation with Chris Calcutt, the new Roland production with Gianni Proietti and Marco Ribolini, the excellent modular mixers of the Swiss Schertler Group and there was no lack of software with the presentation of Franco Fraccastoro with the new versions of Steinberg's software: Cubase and Wavelab

10 Hours of live video

Yamaha has set up a real television studio inside the exhibition space thus ensuring the streaming of the performances of the artists involved in the presentation and offering, at the same time, the possibility for the public to attend the excellent live show.





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Soundmit 2017

Soundmit 2017

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