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The number of brands which exhibited directly also increased, an increase witnessed in first person by the Soundmit producers.

The layout of exhibitors present changed, in a sector framework which is evolving, the trend seems to be towards that of an active and direct participation from producer companies.


The number of universities which chose to support the invent increased, in fact the Politechnic of Milan added its name to group together with the Politechnic of Torino, DAMS Torino and the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

There was a large turnout for this edition’s talk titled “Universities Meet Companies - Training and research in the setting of sound and show” in which was analyzed the word carried out by universities in the field of training connected to the world of music and shows, using as an example the activities performed by some of the interested departments.

Professors Marco Masoero (Politechnic of Torino), Augusto Sarti (Politechnic of Milano) and Marco Re /University of Rome Tor Vergata) partecipated.

Soundmit 2018: Universities meet companies - Border Radio

Talks and Panels

A new addition introduced this year to the talks were discussion moments in which our audience was able to come into contact with different institutions of the sector.

From the history of the Theremin by Lorenzo “Lord Theremin” Giorda to the history of the Italian musical industry, from the talk held my Paolo Bragaglia (Acusmatiq/Matme) to the presentation of of the book “Patch and Tweak” by the Danish author Kim Bjorn who also took on the role of chairman of the panel dedicated to electronic musical instruments which also included Stijn Haring-Kuipers for This Is Not Rocket Science (Netherlands), Alex Fisscher for Schmidt Synthesizers (Germany), Davide Mancini of Soundmachines (Italy) and Alex Pleninger of Keen Association Moscow (Russia). Arduino was also present as a supporter which, with the engineer Arturo Guadalupi, presented the infinite possibilities of development in the musical sector offered by their platform.

Workshops and Showacases

There was also a large turnout at the showcases held by the companies and partners of Soundmit, from Viennaudio to Roland, Yamaha and Audio Modeling to training workshops held in colaboration with Gik Acoustics, London School of Sound, Gamma Music Institute, Ableton and Backline.

Workshop - Not even mastering can save you - London School of Sound - Border Radio

Diy Workshops

A very interesting DIY workshop was held by Faselunare where 5 participants were able to build, soldering iron in hand, a real open source drum machine!

Yamaha live streaming

This was second year of live streaming by Yamaha which this year deployed a pool of noteworthy artists including Italy’s own Davide “Boosta” Dileo of Subsonica, Nicolò Fragile as well as Manuele Montesanti and Moira Munoz with her electronic sets and modified drum machines!






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