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The Continuum Fingerboard maker. Designed by Dr. Lippold Haken and manufactured by Haken Audio, Continuum Fingerboards are musical instruments that allow for unprecedented realtime performance control.

With a greater pitch range than a traditional 88 note keyboard, the Continuum offers realtime continuous control in three dimensions for every finger that is placed on the playing surface.

Included inside every Continuum is the EaganMatrix synth engine, a SHARC-based synthesizer invented by Edmund Eagan. The user-

programmable EaganMatrix allows for subtle to dramatic expressive musical possibilities which are integral to the Continuum playing


The Continuum is available in three sizes: Full-Size (nearly 8 octaves), Half-Size (nearly 4 octaves), and ContinuuMini (over 2 octaves).

Soundmit 2020

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