É arrivato il Black Friday del Soundmit in collaborazione con gli espositori!

Se vi siete persi il Soundmit 2020 - Virtual Edition, niente paura!
Potete rivederlo tutto iscrivendovi al nostro canale youtube CLICCANDO QUI e per non perdere le prossime novità, potete iscrivervi alla nostra NEWSLETTER!

Ecco la lista (in aggiornamento) delle promozioni in corso, vi consigliamo di controllare la pagina di tanto in tanto.
Siamo sicuri che qualcosina per natale riuscirete a trovarlo, abbiamo in elenco effetti, synth ma anche progetti open source e DIY! Le offerte non sono limitate, condividetele con i vostri amici!

Hand made guitar effects, dophix promo code: soundmit

La Voix du Luthier

Get 10% OFF on Pair of Ondes using the following coupon: LVDL_SYNTH_AND_SOFTWARE


Thanks for the great vibe during Soundmit 2020.
Get yourself a modular shot now on a regular basis, and subscribe to the modular404 newsletter.
Only curated modular tracks of 404 seconds!


Our Black Friday Sale is live! You can join our newsletter for some extra love! Offer ends on Monday Nov 30.


We’re running a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture our new product Mesh! Join the campaign, and help us by sharing the word! Thank you very much for your support!
Discover more at: https://chiralityaudio.com/mesh 


Timetosser will become available in shops starting from 2021.
Missed the discount deal on Soundmit?
You can still pre-order Timetosser at a special crowdfunding price!

MRG Synthesizers

15% discount on the new MRG ADSR Eurorack Module and all other products: use coupon MRGPOSTSOUNDMIT20 on checkout.

Mayer EMI

M700 Polyphonic Synthesizer Eurorack Module out soon !

Tangible Waves

10% Soundmit discount on all products; use the coupon code SOUNDMIT2020AEMOD on checkout (until december 5th).


The Dust Collector is in stock and shipping immediately! Find out more on our website!

MakePro X

Use the discount code soundmit2020 in our Shop to SAFE 20% on our modular hardware to build your own high end custom controllers! You can also use the discount code to pre-order our DinoPark Eurorack „DnB“ - Drums & Bass Synthesizer via email and SAFE 200,00 € (599,00 € instead of 799,00 €)


Build your dream DIY synthesizer with super high quality modular synth PCB's made in the UK and Germany, free build support by email and a free SMD practice set if you are new to SMD soldering.

Black Friday week special, from 22nd November to December 1st, automatic 10% discount at checkout, with extra reductions on some items.

Lilla Open Source Sampler

LILLA kit version: €90 + spedizione
LILLA assembled version: €130 + spedizione

LILLA è un audio sampler polifonico a 16 voci, multitimbral e multi-midi, basato su Teensy 4.1 e dotato di 32MB di memoria flash per i sample audio (16bit). LILLA offre funzionalità ADSR e trimming, varie modalità riproduzione (forward, reverse, f/r/f+r loop) e consente l'editing real-time senza interruzione durante la performance. I sample sono caricati con una scheda micro SD (opzionale); il firmware ed il manuale d'uso sono disponibili su https://github.com/SandroGrassia/Lilla-audio-sampler. I/O: midi-in, headphones (stereo), line-out (stereo); alimentazione: 5V da via usb micro-b.

LILLA is a 16 voices multitimbral and multi-midi polyphonic audio sampler, based on Teensy 4.1 and equipped with 32MB flash memory for 16 bits audio samples. LILLA offers ADSR and trimming functionalities and various play modes (forward, reverse, f/r/f+r loop) and allows real-time editing during the performance without interruptions. Audio samples are uploaded using an SD-micro card (optional) ; firmware and user-guide can be downloaded from https://github.com/SandroGrassia/Lilla-audio-sampler. I/O: midi-in, headphones (stereo), line-out (stereo); power supply: 5V / usb micro-b.
email: sandro.grassia@gmail.com
FB and WhatsUp: https://www.facebook.com/Lilla.audio.sampler  


"With the occasion of the Soundmit Exhibitor Black Friday, and with the release of a new important update of DSP-Quattro, now version 5.5, we decided to offer a very special 25% discount (*) to all members who are interested in buying a license of DSP-Quattro v5 full version, just use the SOUNDMIT2020 coupon code when purchasing a license of DSP-Quattro full version from our secure web shop at https://www.dsp-quattro.com/dspquattro/Site/store.html 

(*) This offer will be valid from Sunday November 22th up to Sunday November 29th. 

DSP-Quattro is an application for doing Audio Editing, AudioCD Mastering, plug-in Hosting, audio BatchProcessing for MacOS (including the just released Big Sur). Please visit https://www.dsp-quattro.com to know more about it.”


Aida DSP

Get 10$ off the price applicable on all available products. New software image with new available plugins: use modulars and control them using virtual cv signals. You can also convert audio signals to cv and viceversa.
Promotion code on Tindie: A66B1C98


Kodamo is opening preorders for its EssenceFM ! The EssenceFM is a super powerful FM synthesizer with 300 voice polyphony, customizable algorithms, filters and more. It also provides the best user interface for creating sounds quickly and exploring the endless possibilities of FM synthesis.
Preorder now at a special price on our website.

Mastro Valvola

10% OFF on all products. Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20 in the cart.

Żłob Modular

Store Wide 15% off Sale November 27-29. Use code "blackfriday20" at checkout.

Soundmit 2020

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