From the collaboration between the Italian fair Soundmit and the French fair SynthFest France arrives EMEA - Electronic Music Events Association.

EMEA arises from the need to create a support network for musical events that promote the culture of electronic musical instruments and new technologies.

At the base of EMEA there is the passion that unites musicians, creators of musical instruments and enthusiasts.

The purpose of EMEA is to promote and support interesting events around Europe, make a network between the events, share knowledge and contacts, guarantee quality events for exhibitors, investors and visitors.

EMEA wants to be a quality label for the events that respect the principles of seriousness, quality, solidity and passion.

EMEA will be physically present at all related events to promote the association's initiatives, create new contacts, represent associated events that can not be physically present with promotional and informative material.

Each member of EMEA is an ambassador for the companies of his own country, he will be the promoter of all related events trying to encourage the presence at other events.

EMEA will also help to synchronisation of the event’s dates: scheduled are shared long in advance and member are in touch in order to avoid overlaps whenever it is possible.

Soundmit 2021

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