Showcase: Alter Audio Timetosser

Alter Audio Timetosser

Timetosser is a new kind of hybrid between an audio effect and an electronic musical instrument. It enables you to playfully reorder any kind of musical input in real-time.

The novelty of Timetosser lies in the way it is used: the user is not simply enabling an effect, but has to actively and skillfully play the instrument in order to yield good results. By combining Timetosser with a classic DJ set-up, much value can be added to any stage act. Furthermore, Timetosser can be hooked up to any device, giving you much artistic freedom. From drum machines to synthesizers, from a single track on your mixer (e.g. guitar, vocals, drums .. ) to the master output. By adding Timetosser, you instantly gain a unique live effect by adding variety to your tracks and loops.

Soundmit 2021

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